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A Tip to Improve Work Relationships Every Leader Needs

If you’re a professional who is sincere about wanting to discover the keys to positively influence people at work and beyond, then pay careful attention to this tip for building better relationships at work.

The Main Idea Here Is: The Best Leaders EMPOWER Their People. 

In their book Beyond Reason, Roger Fischer and Dan Shapiro describe the 5 Core Concerns each person is preoccupied with.  One is AUTONOMY.  By empowering your people, you meet their need for autonomy in a powerful way.

As a professional, here’s what I mean:  you can set yourself apart from other leaders and managers in your industry by giving your people the authority to do what they do best.

This spells the difference between success and failure for everyone because the more you empower your people, the less you need to worry about the Great Resignation.

Now the thing for you to do is make a note of where you may have been micromanaging and identify who on your team can take ownership of that task.  Then empower that person to get things done!

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